Professional ARDS 'A' Grade Instructor tuition

Providing personalised coaching to meet your requirements

About Me...

Having instructing experience since 1999, mixed with racing expertise, I can provide the tuition you require.

With familiarity of all race circuits throughout the UK, ranging from off-road/rally to Grand Prix circuits, I can help you improve your driving skills and achieve a better track position.

I have driven a wide variety of cars (FWD/RWD/4WD/Turbo/Non-Turbo) and understand how different cars have different handling characteristics.

What I can provide...

I can help you with all your on-track driving development.

Depending on your needs, I can meet you for your track day and provide exclusive half or full day training.

Alternatively, group with friends and I can help each of you independently (just share the cost between you). A mixed ability group can easily be catered for.

To make the experience more relaxing, I can provide 2-way intercoms, these are especially useful in open-top cars or when using full-face helmets.

Remember... If you want to join me at the race track, you don't need a race licence. However, you do need a full driving licence and be over 18.

Where to drive...

The majority of tracks throughout the UK can easily be booked for tuition.

Check the circuit website you are interested in, and book on one (or more) of their many track day events.

Once you've decided on the location and date, check my availability, and your driving tuition and on-track development can begin.